Akila Narayanan

Senior Manager

Akila Narayanan is a Senior Manager at Caliber Advisors, Inc., and provides services for valua¬tion and financial analysis of partnership interests, business interests, and financial instruments. Ms. Narayanan has extensive experience in valuations of securities for private equity and corporate clients for financial reporting and tax purposes. Ms. Narayanan specializes in the valuation of complex securities including privately-held debt, warrants, embedded derivatives and convertible debt. 

Ms. Narayanan has significant experience in intangible asset valuations and emerging company valuations with complex capital structures. Additionally, she has worked extensively on valuations for estate and gift tax purposes. 

Ms. Narayanan previously worked as a Treasury manager for RHI Finance ApS, Denmark, opti-mizing global cash management operations, including cash pooling, structured financing and foreign exchange transactions. Ms. Narayanan also has over five years of experience as a portfolio manager for SBI Mutual Fund, India, managing assets of over $350 million.