Greetings from Integra International

As I enter the second of a two year term as Integra’s Global Chairman, it is a time not only for reflection but for looking ahead to the future.

I am proud that our Association has added several Member Firms from the vital continent of Africa.  This strategic development enables Integra to better serve businesses seeking to participate in the vibrant African economy, while also supporting African firms poised to extend their growth across the globe.  Our year of growth in Africa culminated in the International conference in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the best conferences we have held in our 22 years.

Referrals and multi-office engagements among firms continue to increase.  And with that increased interaction, our Members are constantly improving their skills and expanding their horizons.  We now have close to 4,000 professionals worldwide that each firm can access, enabling our firms to more effectively and economically compete with the large regional and international accounting firms.

Also, we have added Cresa Real Estate as a Member.  Cresa, the largest tenant only representative in the world, offers our firms and clients a wide array of services.  From lease forensics, to buy vs. sell options, to helping us deal with the new lease accounting rules, we view this as an exceptionally valuable development that should benefit both organizations.

Turning to the year ahead, Integra is committed to staying at the forefront of the profession. Within the Integra membership are individuals with industry-wide expertise in a number of specialties. Our goal is to deepen the talent pool in the traditional audit and tax disciplines, as well as in specific practice areas such as international taxation and transfer pricing, real estate, and technology. New and expanded special interest groups will work to stimulate profitable contact among members. By participating in these offerings, along with attending the several Integra conferences during the year, members can optimize the value of their membership, while developing stronger relationships and goodwill with fellow members.

Anticipating increased member interactions, Integra has recently engaged a prominent technology firm, to thoroughly revamp and streamline our website with the latest tools to enhance usefulness and provide options for more effective collaboration.

Finally, to help facilitate our operations and growth, I am pleased to welcome two new members to the Integra team. Laurie Daschuk is joining us as Administrator, to continue the fine work that Renee Dominique has accomplished this past year. We offer our deepest thanks to Renee for her tireless efforts, and wish her the best as she leaves us. Also, long-time Integra member, Gerry Herter, has been appointed to the new position of New Member Manager for AAANZ, to build on the success of and to work alongside Joan Lliteras, who holds the ongoing position of New Member Manager for AIMEE.

The world is changing politically and economically.  Integra provides a platform to assist our firms and clients in creating opportunities from potential obstacles.  Our current and future clients face changes in tax, regulations, accounting pronouncements, and expanding services.  Integra and our Member firms are there to assist in an ever changing world.

Your Global Advantage – Integra International
Douglas White
Global Chairman, 2016 and 2017