Integra International began as two completely autonomous groups unbeknownst to each other – one in Europe and the other in North America. The motivation for its inception was the need for local accounting firms to provide an alternative to the big 4 as their clients grew in the expanding international world of commerce. In addition, independent practitioners needed a forum to discuss their operations in a noncompetitive arena. However, most existing associations already had member firms in the major business centers, thus colleagues started contacting friends who contacted other friends until a nucleus was formed and an organizational meeting was held.

The European and North American groups heard of one another at similar stages of development. They decided to explore cooperation and eventually formal links. Both associations agreed in 1996 to adopt the same name and the Atlantic Ocean was spanned.

At the World Wide Conference in 2003 one Global Board was elected to co-ordinate the activities of the Americas Executive Committee and the Europe Executive Committee. These two committees have since been renamed to AAANZ Regional Chapter Board (Serving the Americas, Asia, Australia and New Zealand) and AEIME Regional Chapter Board (Serving Africa, Europe, India, Middle East) respectively.

The group has continued to expand with members in South America, Asia, India, Africa Australia/New Zealand as the need for a more global business vision and environment continues to grow.

Each member firm office has partners experienced in advising clients engaged in international business as well as local. Particular importance is placed on bridging cultural and linguistic differences between negotiating parties — a vital catalyst for a successful transaction.